Barn i röda superhjältedräkter

Welcome to an Ideathon on the future of Insurance!

Expect a fun, intense and transformative day. Together, we will explore:

  • How do we design the Insurance business and services of the future that will remain relevant to customers as our industry evolves?
  • How do we make sure to exceed our existing Customers’ expectations, attract new customer and at the same time increase profitability?
  • How can we leverage partner solutions who offer complementary services to strengthen our customer relationships?

In an Ideathon setting, you will design solutions where insurance will solve a real customer pain together with professionals from a variety of backgrounds. The teams will create and present innovative solutions to a jury of Santander Consumer Bank management and external expert inputs.

Hackathon 2018 ”Digital Natives Redefining Banking”

We are looking for participants, from all departments within the business, with a strong customer focus and a wish to contribute to development of new insurance products and concepts.

If you want to join, please sign up no later than April 15.

Please note that this is an application of interest and we cannot guarantee you a seat – we will design the teams to balance different skillsets. Do not hesitate to contact Martin Johnsson if there are any questions regarding the Ideathon. Good luck!

Event flow

We start at 17:00 on May 7 with a team formation and topic immersion session. Food and drinks served during the entire Ideathon, inspirational sessions and teambuilding activities will get you going. The evening ends about 20:00.

On May 8 we meet at 08:00 and then the fun begins. Ideas are iterated throughout the day and presented to a jury between 16:00–17:00. The event ends approximately 17:00.

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About Santander Consumer Bank

Our Mission is to help people and business prosper, and to enable our customers, partners and employees realize their ideas. Santander Consumer Bank belongs to the global banking group Banco Santander, one of the largest banks in the world. In the Nordics we are a fast growing challenger that aim to redefine the banking industry as we know it.

In Sweden, Santander Consumer Bank has a steady growing customer base of half a million customers and 400 engaged and hardworking talents. Our product and service portfolio range from savings accounts, consumer loans, vehicle financing and payment solutions such as credit cards and sales financing.